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The Hudson High School Athletic Booster Club helps support all the athletes, teams and coaches at Hudson High. Our goal is to help enrich the Hudson High School athletic program, provide student athletes with a memorable high school experience, and cultivate the ideals of sportsmanship within the local community and with opponents. Last year, we were also able to provide 7 scholarships to well deserving seniors. This past year we also provided funds for a class to redo the pictures in the Athletic Hallway and provided funds for the teacher to for the Mentor program for all three seasons of team captains for all sports. Along with providing school spirit store gift cards for HHS summer reading. Along with any other needs that come up during the year.

The HHS Jr. Booster Club
The HHS Jr. Boosters was created in the fall of 2014 by Jeff Wood and the HHS Boosters, to give the students a voice to help promote unity and school spirit at HHS. The Jr. Boosters are committed to conducting community events, helping our tradition Booster Club, and planning and running fundraisers and events. Not just for athletic teams but for all groups and clubs that need it/ ask for help. But most importantly they have created a fun and exciting atmosphere for our student body at athletic events known as the Red Sea.

The Jr. Boosters is unique as it is believed to be the only Jr. Boosters club in the state. With supervision from Booster Club President Shelley Francolini, and led by an impressive group of board members, this group of students have done and continue to do some amazing things that impress our school and local community every day. The Jr. Boosters are thriving, and great things are in store for this group, HHS, and our community.

The impact of the Jr. Boosters on our school and community is evident. But not only are these students helping their school and community, they're learning valuable life lessons and building new relationships with peers and members of our community along the way.

Our Jr. Booster Board 2022/2023

Aly Cassidy and Addison Murphey
Emma Wood and Ashlee Jackson
Event Planning
Jenni Cassidy
Faith Peloquin
Jenn Yates
Giada Colarul
Senior Class Reps
Kamryn Vasselyn
Maddie Scafidi

Here is the list of a few things Jr. Boosters have done in the past:
  • Planned and ran the Color Run 5K race 
  • Planned and ran the annual student dodge ball tournament, and volleyball tournament
  • Planned and ran the Easter and Christmas pancake breakfast
  • Ran fall, winter, and spring sports concessions
  • Planned and ran Hawk Wars, an event for Seniors to win prizes and have fun with peers, set up by grades 8-11.
  • Planned and ran the Driveway Hawk Fundraiser
  • Volunteered at the Hudson Flag Football games
  • Helped plan the Homecoming Dance
  • Information Table at 7th grade fly up day and fall sports night
  • Donated Turkey Dinners to the HHS community
  • Donated clothing and gifts to students at HHS and QMS
  • Volunteered at Octoberfest with food, clothing, and face painting tables.
  • Ran various fall and winter team fundraisers

Stay tuned for upcoming events, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. (Check contact page)

We also have a Hawk Apparel website where you can find by clicking on the links application in the top right!!

Become a member our yearly membership is $25 and $100 for a 5 year membership. You can pay by Venmo or PayPal @hudsonboosters also it can me sent in by mail to Hudson High School 69 Brigham st. The membership form can be found on the flyer page. We thank you so much, for supporting us!
How you can help and get involvedHow you can help and get involvedHow you can help and get involved
Booster Club Membership 2022-2023
69 Brigham St. Hudson, MA 01749

The Hudson High School Athletic program continues to be a strong and positive impact for the community. There have been many great years and we are very proud of all the teams’ accomplishments. This wouldn’t be possible without the dedication and hard work of the coaches, trainers, managers, student-athletes, parents, volunteers, merchant sponsorships, and Booster Club members. Check out our website for more information on all we do and about our Junior Booster’s!

In order to continue this great Hudson High School tradition and legacy for our student-athletes, we are asking all our families and local businesses to become Booster Club members. This year we have various family and corporate membership packages to choose from.

Family Memberships
Platinum- $100
Yearly membership, Season pass for Fall or Winter, Driveway Hawk (sponsored by Jr. Boosters) and a car sticker Sport specific or Hawk.
Gold- $75
Yearly membership, Hawk shirt, Driveway Hawk(sponsored by Jr. Boosters) and a car sticker sport specific or Hawk
Yearly membership, Driveway Hawk (sponsored by Jr. Boosters) and a car sticker Hawk or Sport.
Bronze- $25
Yearly membership and a car sticker.

If you sign up for a family membership by August 10th you will be entered in a drawing to win a free registration fee worth $125 for your athlete’s sport of choice!

To join, simply fill out the form on the back and mail to Hudson High School at 69 Brigham St. or join online at We thank you for your continued support of all HHS Athletes. We couldn't do it without your support!

Shelley Francolini
Booster Club President

HHS Booster Club
Registration Form

Parent(s) Name:__________________________________________________

Please tell us about the High School Athletes you have in your family!

Students name Grade Sport
_____________________ _________ _________________
_____________________ _________ _________________
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_____________________ _________ _________________
If your student is interested in Jr. Boosters check the website for upcoming events and follow their twitter @HHSHawkFam

Family Sponsors
Platinum $100_____
Gold $75______
Silver $50_____
Bronze $25____

We have lots of volunteer opportunities available for students and parents. We are looking for help in our snack shack this fall for many sports teams. We are also accepting food donations for the Morgan Bowl Shack. We thank you so much for your help with this.

We also have some great events coming up in 2022/2023, we will update as soon as we have more information. We are hoping to have volleyball and dodge ball tournaments, fall Senior Hawk Wars and our second annual Winterfest and that's just a few of them.

As always we welcome knew ideas!

Donations can be sent in through Venmo and PayPal both are @hudsonboosters you can also send donations by check to HHS at 69 Brigham St. We thank you for your continued support.

Ways you can help or get involved,
  • Join Jr. Boosters
  • Help with upcoming events
  • Become a member or sponsor 
  • Send us ideas for more events
  • Send us ideas on how we can help our community

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